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Envisioning a Virginia where every need for mobility-related rehabilitation equipment is fulfilled.

The fight to regain physical mobility and independence after a serious illness or injury can be the most challenging experience of a lifetime. For many, partial recovery means reliance on special equipment to help them achieve their fullest potential.


This equipment can make the difference between living independently and productively or living a life of dependence and immobility. Imagine the frustration of knowing equipment is available that would give freedom and independence, but not having access to it because of inadequate insurance or the inability to pay. For many citizens throughout Virginia this is a harsh reality. Our services help adults regain their mobility and independence and saves Virginians millions of dollars annually.


WHAT WE DO: The Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment & Endowment (F.R.E.E.) is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) non-profit based in the state of Virginia. We collect, sanitize, and gift donated mobility equipment to low-come uninsured or under-insured adults in Virginia.

OUR MISSION: We acquire and provide mobility-related rehabilitation equipment to maximize functional independence and improve quality of life.

OUR VISION: We envision a Virginia where every need for mobility- related rehabilitation equipment is fulfilled.


  • Assist individuals to whom equipment is not otherwise available;

  • Be a model program for other communities;

  • Develop partnerships with others; and

  • Combine resources to maximize our ability to recycle equipment.

Our services significantly impact both the lives of the individuals we serve and their communities.

​​F.R.E.E. service outcomes translate into more than $31 million in cost savings to the state of Virginia annually due to avoided hospital re-admissions, avoided ER visits with ambulance services due to injuries from falls, avoided doctor visits related to falls and immobility, avoided premature skilled nursing home and assisted living admissions, and avoided caregiver job loss.


Individuals served.


Individuals served in 2022 report being able to remain in their homes.


Pieces of equipment gifted.


Individuals served that reported fewer falls, ER visits, and hospitalizations in 2022.

$11.4 million

Value of equipment given.


Savings to Virginia taxpayers for every $1 invested in F.R.E.E.

Meet the F.R.E.E. Leadership and Staff

F.R.E.E. is led by the Virginia Board of Directors headed by its President, Leah Savelyev. Day-to-day management is led by our Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, Robin Ramsey. For general inquiries, please contact our Roanoke office at

Board of Directors: Leah Savelyev (President), Bryan Gregory (President-Elect), Mike McGuire (Treasurer), Catherine Kilbane (Secretary), Sara Ruhlman, Jim Haines, Sheila Peters, and Debbie Ruffin. F.R.E.E.’s founder is Dr. Bruce Stelmack.

Bruce stelmack.jpg
Robin Ramsey 2022 photo.jpg

Robin Ramsey

Executive Director &

Chief Operating Officer

F.R.E.E. of Virginia

FREE staff: Diane Harrah

Diane Harrah
Program Manager
F.R.E.E. of


Kristen Span.jpg

Kristin Span
Program Manager
F.R.E.E. of Northern Shenandoah Valley

Tracy 2022.jpg

Tracy Meador
Senior Director

of Programs
F.R.E.E. of Virginia

Holly face pic for website.jpg

Holly Weddle

Program Manager
F.R.E.E. of Roanoke


Palmer Gross
Program Manager
F.R.E.E. of Richmond


Sophia Berkel
Director of

Community Outreach
F.R.E.E. of Virginia

FREE staff: Debbie Menadier

Debbie Menadier
Program  Manager
F.R.E.E. of

South Hampton Roads

FREE staff: Robin Turner

Robin Turner
Program Manager
F.R.E.E. of Lynchburg

A F.R.E.E. volunteer helps with new equipment donations.

We greatly appreciate our partners, donors, and volunteers.

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