In 2018 F.R.E.E. served 2,478 people with 3,626 pieces of equipment at a value of $1,156,167.00


To acquire and provide mobility related rehabilitative equipment to maximize functional independence and improve quality of life.


A Virginia where every need for mobility related rehabilitative equipment is fulfilled.


Independence Through Mobility

What if you lost your mobility and could not regain it?

Imagine not being able to move around your own community at will. How would you get to work, school or go shopping? How could you take advantage of all that a community environment has to offer? How will you provide for your family?

You need a wheelchair, a walker or some other pieces of mobility equipment to regain your mobility but don't have insurance and can't afford to buy it.

Without mobility equipment, you fall more often.

When you fall, you wind up in:

  • emergency rooms
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • assisted living facilities

And you lose your mobility and your independence.

The F.R.E.E. Foundation helps you get it back.

Our Overarching Goals to Help Others.

  • To assist individuals to whom equipment is not otherwise available
  • To be a model program for other communities
  • To develop partnership with others
  • To combine resources to maximize our ability to recycle equipment