Wheelchairs & Power Chairs

Wheel ChairsManual and power wheelchairs are used when one can no longer walk the distance required to maneuver in a home or out in the community.

  • Manual wheelchairs are used when someone still has the upper extremity strength to propel the chair with his or her arms. These chairs weigh 25-40 lbs. and can be easily transported. Power wheelchairs or scooters are used when a person's arms are very weak or injured. They require two batteries (cost $200) and must be regulary recharged. 
  • Scooters require the use of both arms to drive and can be broken down into several parts (35 lbs. or less) for transport.
  • Power chairs can be driven with one arm but cannot be broken down. They typically weigh - 200 lbs. and require a special transport lift.