Nancy Feazell

To me FREE means quality of life. Finally an agency that can help me help my patients that don't have the resources or insurance to cover the equipment that they need to go home and be safe and as independent as possible! Before I had FREE to rely on, I had to call various durable medical equipment companies to see if they could give me this needed equipment. This was very time consuming and stressful and the odds of patients receiving the equipment was very slim.

To accommodate this painstaking, time consuming search, the patient's length of stay would have to be extended costing, literally, thousands of dollars a day! Unfortunately, after this costly extension in stay and my long hours of searching, most patients would still end up going home without this needed equipment. The end result for the patient was the inability to be safe in his/her mobility both at home and in the community.

In a nutshell, FREE gives me peace of mind. Providing these needs has made discharge planning an easier, safer, and more successful process for me and my patients!Another positive for me is that FREE's application process is simple! I am usually given short notice that a patient is being discharged.

Understanding this common scenario, FREE problem solved how I can effectively and efficiently provide this equipment for my patients in a timely manner. After I showed them that I could consistently and accurately prepare applications for my patients, FREE provided me with a "stocked closet" of various medical mobility items so that I can pull equipment as needed. I just give them the completed application for approval and my patients can get the equipment they need usually the same day. This has alleviated the burden placed on me to find needed equipment ASAP. If the process was long and difficult, it just wouldn't work for me.

Nancy Feazell, MSW
Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Carilion Community Hospital