My Broker Donates

House for SaleF.R.E.E. is partnering with a new service called My Broker Donates. The service is designed to generate significant donations to F.R.E.E. whenever a Friend of F.R.E.E. buys or sells a home, a commercial building or a piece of property, If you're ready to buy or sell real estate, be it residential or commercial property, simply contact My Broker Donates and tell them you want to arrange for a donation to F.R.E.E. on the transaction.

My Broker Donates will match you with a pre-screened and highly qualified Realtor in your area. Then, immediately upon closing, the escrow company will send 15 percent of your Realtor's commission to F.R.E.E.

So tell all your friends about My Broker Donates and encourage them to arrange for donations to F.R.E.E. And contact every Realtor you know and ask them to participate and support F.R.E.E. You can find My Broker Donates at